Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Come Away With Me (Cover)

Jamie and I recently did some recording in our bedroom and this is our finished product. Hope you all enjoy!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Dinner Time 101

Having to cook for yourself after fleeing the family nest is something I've been trying to be good at quickly, and cooking as healthily as possible. I have mastered the pasta bake however I've been accused of having "no sense of taste" when it comes to putting the wrong things together. Mum here's the evidence that I'm getting better...

Garlic Potato and Mushroom Bake

Quinoa Burgers

Here's the recipe for the Potato and Mushroom Bake and here's the recipe for the quinoa burgers. YUM.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

5 things I learned in Kuwait

I recently visited Kuwait. Goodness, I was excited to experience the culture of one of the United Arab Emirates! Kuwait exudes the same enthusiasm for shopping and luxury goods as Dubai with extravagant super-malls, albeit they struggle to rival them.

Five things I learned in Kuwait:
1. Kuwait is a dry country - this meant I had to accept that the drinks before bedtime that I love so much couldn't be had. I swapped a 'Mojito' for a lemon with mint alcohol-free alternative. It was absolutely as rewarding as the rum-laced version.

2. Women who smoke in public are often stared at because this is a key identifier for prostitutes.

3. You can identify the country Arab men are from by differences in their head-gear - As the majority of men wear traditional dress, I wondered if their differing headbands and head cloth were down to choice. It turns out it's not down to an individuals' love for red check or plain vanilla cloth.

4. The Kuwaitis love perfume - Perfumeries were rife and some rows of small shops had the whole block fermented with a sweet and poignant taste at the back of the throat.

5. The Kuwait souk is a fantastic place to buy fakes - watches price around £5, sunglasses for around £4 and bags from £4-£20 (depending on how authentic they look). I found myself inclined to pop a couple of quid on the extremely authentic BMW leather bag on offer - JOKES.

5. Some cabin crew make a small fortune from selling their worn and smelly tights and shoes on Ebay to men with foot fetishes. Potential new venture?

Maintaining my vitamin D allowance

Market walkway
I'm an arab princess! Scored myself a few headpieces

Threads for gentlemen

Food market

Fancy a pashmina?

Watches galore

Gold. Gold. And more gold.

Boys are working hard at the market 

Enjoying my imposter Mojito

Ladies doing dinner

Oh, and let me know what you think of they Ebay venture! Would you buy my worn hosiery?

Monday, 12 August 2013

Birthday Time Home Comforts

On the 6th August I ventured home to Glasgow to catch up with friends and enjoy some family company. I went for a walk the morning after my arrival at the nearby country park with my friend Katie. We expressed our concerns, life goals and what we're planning next. It's always the best therapy because we're quite similar so it's like discussing things with yourself but with an added perspective. We ended our walk with a bit of lunch at the Burrell Collection to satisfy the hunger we'd racked up during our short walk.

The following evening my mum had planned a dinner in our house to celebrate the birthday of my little brother, Joshua and I. She made a hearty vegetable soup to start and my favourite chicken pie for dinner. Inviting quite a few of my friends made the evening much louder than I think my parents were expecting. We finished dinner, all of the wine and brought the guitars out for singing (& some screeching from yours truly). I absolutely live for drunken sing-songs with friends & family and having my brother Chris at the table, telling the jokes. One of my friends Jonathan showed up from Bournemouth as a surprise and it was fantastic having some of my nearest and dearest ladies at the table!

How amazing does my Mum's chicken pie filling look?
Mum's growing her own herbs, vegetables and fruit since I visited last.
Conor got Conortroversial.

For the remainder of my time at home, we celebrated Josh's 6th birthday. We went for a round of crazy golf and attended his football team charity fundraiser to witness him receiving his first trophy. I think his recent enthusiasm for football is increasing his luck with the ladies because he managed to lose his first tooth on the day of his 6th birthday! Boy's a ladies man.

Gentleman hair? Check.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Racine, Knightsbridge

So, I'm 23.
On my birthday, at the beginning of the week, I went along to a work team day (including lunch at Pitcher & Piano) to take the edge off sitting about waiting for friends who all work 9-5. Jamie and I later went for dinner at French restaurant Racine in Knightsbridge. I pretty much managed to maintain a state of drunk for the whole day.

Jamie tried to run away from my camera. SNAP SNAP SNAP.
On the water
I had foie gras on toast with warm duck yolk and red wine sauce to start. 
Jamie had the “Coeur de boeuf” tomato salad with basil cream to start.

The wine was fantastic. The menu was fantastic. The service was fantastic. I can't wait to visit again.
For mains I had a wild mushroom, spinach and new potato fricass√© and although I can't remember what Jamie had, I remember it looking scrumptious! The waiter recharged our wine glasses pretty much every 8 minutes so I had to slow down when it came to the main course. My mum's sober strategy "One glass of wine, one glass of water. Repeat" had to be augmented to tend to my state at that point in the evening. I'd advanced to "One glass of wine, one litre of water. Repeat". 
It was my birthday! If I can't use that as an excuse to justify fine dining and wine guzzling, when on earth can I?

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Last week I visited Abuja, Nigeria twice. The company request we refrain from leaving the hotel due to security risks and we're escorted to our hotel by armed guards. As much as I love exploring new destinations, I can't complain about having time to relax beside the pool and share some wine & stories with the other crew.


Poolside beverage
The terrace

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Rooftop Cinema Club @ The Bussey Building, Peckham Rye

Jamie and I went to see Trance at the Rooftop Cinema Club in Peckham Rye on the last day of July. We made ourselves comfortable under fleecy blankets and tuned into our headphones for the full experience. 'Trance' was phenomenal and I suppose the cocktails, popcorn and fresh breeze contributed to the general laid-back vibe that we loved so much.

The exterior of the Art Cafe

It's Windy!
The view of London from the top 

Movie time