Wednesday, 19 June 2013


If someone relates to you as "Hakuna Matiti", they're not throwing you compliments. Swahili rascals.

3 month old baby
Nom nom
Elephant Butts are the cutest 
One, two, three, four. Keep it up, two, three, four!
Pow wow
What you sayin' about, playa?
Smoochey smoochey

Gimme dat

The pitch black gift shop had no electricity
The flight deck during takeoff at night. MOM, LOOK! I'M IN A SPACESHIP!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Glassworks v The Sunday Times Pop-up Event

Hayley loves meringues

My beautiful friend Hayley invited me to attend an invite only Glassworks pop-up event on Kings Road in Chelsea. We were excited to explore and have a peek at the luxury digital print cushion brand, Mako by me - the creative output of a friend of Hayley.

Mako by Me

There night was extremely successful with a heard of fashion-conscious gentlemen and ladies mingling, enjoying the music and discussing the stylish veneer of the pop-up space. Many ladies (and gentlemen) queued to have their nails preened at the Ciaté nail bar. Meanwhile, the rest of the attendees indulged in the delicious Chambord martinis on offer and the dreamy meringues supplied by confectioners Meringue Girls!

I'm colour coordinating!

It was a lovely chance for me to catchup with Hayley as our schedules have been conflicting since I moved to London. We talked about how excited we are to spend all our time wandering around galleries and museums (which we both love) when Hayley finishes up at her advertising school.

And as always, it's a pleasure watching Hayley do what she does best... Network. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris means passing L'Arc de Triomphe, watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle at midnight, smoking some cigarettes or cigarillos while enjoying some French wine and tucking into brushetta with smoked salmon Pâté at a nearby restaurant. The morning after I checked out the Keith Haring exibition.

My favourite photo of the evening

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Southbank Strolls

I had the most hectic few months. I finished 6 weeks of intense cabin crew training, took a bus to Glasgow straight from my graduation ceremony, attended my friend Sheree's 'leaving for Australia' party and back to London a day later. The next week saw me in Hamburg and Incheon in South Korea. When I got back the last thing on my mind was socialising.

However, my friend Cara invited her boyfriend down to share her final week with her in London - she had just completed an internship at Vogue. I couln't say no to a chill evening with them both around Southbank and Udderbelly because it had been too long since we had the chance to let loose together. We sat on the floor because there were no seats. Drink after drink after drink - Jamie and I found a piano and started performing the only song we knew we could handle on piano. I'm sure everyone really enjoyed it. 
Somebody got a squish nose...
Busker by spotlight on Southbank

Cara, I'm feeling pretty drunk. You?
London Eye by night
Jamie had enough